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How Do I Prepare to Climb Kilimanjaro?
Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro like any other high altitude mountains needs proper preparations for successful attempt to the summit. There are number of preparations but Peacock Tours and Safaris based on experience we recommend, physical preparation of the body (including determination), proper equipments (see our packing list), a well organized crew (that will give you proper accommodation, food on time and other necessary services according to the demand).

Mount Kilimanjaro trekking has different kinds of vegetation and weather zones the climb should not be underestimated at anytime because Kilimanjaro’s top is 5895 m and oxygen pressure gain very low. While climbing Kilimanjaro it is important to allow your body to sufficiently acclimatize itself for successful attempt to the top.

Therefore, you should prepare for this possibility by wearing or carrying on the items that are essential to your Kilimanjaro climb.

Physical preparation

Medical check-up
Before starting a physical training program, it's always wise to get the approval of a doctor (especially if you are over 45 years old). Have your doctor know your plan to climb the highest free standing mountain in the World at an altitude of 5895 m a.s.l and will advice your health status.

The type of condition is more important than the degree of fitness. Kilimanjaro is a stroll, so the best preparation you can have is to walk, preferably under simulated conditions. Although to some extent it helps to go running /jogging, your muscles are still not preparing for seven days of quiet but heavy walking. I suggest that you will regularly walk long distances. Ignore the elevator and take the stairs.

Go walk, for example, in addition to regular fitness to let your muscles develop more. And try to opt for regular walks with altitude, so you can practice walking up and down at different incline levels.

Take a daypack and certainly carry 3 litres of water with you. This way you also simulate the fact that you are climbing the mountain. If the weather does not allow you to take walks, you can also simulate the walk on the incline level of a gym's treadmill.

Mental preparation
Many people have been climbing Mount Kilimanjaro before you and they keep on coming like you to conquer this majestic mountain. Everybody is able to reach the summit of the Kilimanjaro but what you only need to have a positive mind that you are going to make it. Don’t panic, loose hopes or being over excited as it will ruin your determination. Please keep focusing on winning with positive thinking.

Packing List
When you climb Kilimanjaro it is important that you have every gear with you. While on the mountain you have to avoid wet clothes at any cost as the ruin your ability of body acclimatization and might brought in sickness. Please see our packing list or download it we have carefully review need gears. Communal equipment our company provides them these includes tents, food, cooking items, etc.

Do I Need Travel Insurance?
Yes please. Travel insurance is required to participate on this trip.
Trip deposits are non-refundable and balance payments are only partially refundable. Therefore, it is prudent for you to protect your investment against trip cancellation, interruption, delays and unforeseeable expenses. Standard travel insurance provides coverage for trip cancellation, interruption and delay; lost, stolen and damaged baggage; medical expenses and emergency medical evacuation; and luggage delay.

At a minimum, the insurance should protect you against trip cancellation and trip interruption, should you need to cancel your trip due to circumstances such as training injuries or sickness or emergencies. Ideally, insurance should cover high altitude trekking (not to be confused with "mountaineering" or "mountain climbing" which most insurance will not cover) and all medical and repatriation costs.

For our customers residing in the USA, we recommend that you obtain the Great Outdoors Travel Insurance Plan, which provides coverage for high altitude trekking, trip cancellation, interruption and delay; lost, stolen and damaged baggage; medical expenses and emergency medical evacuation; and luggage delay, for a low cost. You can purchase the Great Outdoors Travel Insurance Plan online through Travel Guard.

For our international customers, we recommend that you obtain travel insurance through World Nomads.

Climbers are strongly advised to obtain travel insurance immediately after booking their trip.

Clients must be able to provide proof of insurance to staff upon request.

Acute Mountain Sickness
Everybody who is not accustomed will at a given time suffer from altitude sickness. It could even be fatal if it's not treated immediately or when the symptoms are ignored. Certainly 70% of all people who climb the Kilimanjaro will suffer from mountain sickness to a certain extent.

Altitude sickness is caused because the body is not adapting fast enough to the reduced level of oxygen in the air at an increased height. There are many different symptoms of altitude sickness, but the most common are: headache, lightheadedness, nausea, decreased appetite, a stinging feeling in the toes and fingers and a slight swelling of ankles and fingers. These mild forms are not serious and will disappear again normally within 48 hours.

The guides are trained to see your level of welfare. If you do not feel well during the Kilimanjaro climb, or you find out that one of the other climbers is unwell, please always inform the guide(s). Sometimes the 'victims' might only need some mental support and motivational talk, but medical assistance might be required too. The best treatment for severe altitude sickness is the order to descent.

Whoever travels to Africa should always visit the local travel clinic for the necessary vaccines. Make the appointments on time, because you cannot always be helped immediately and some vaccines need some preparation time in your body.

The vaccinations you can expect are:

Hepatitis A (for all travelers)
Typhus (for all travelers)
Yellow fever (for all travelers, certificate required)
Polio (a single vaccine for every adult who received the vaccine in his/her youth but has not received it yet as an adult!) for all travelers
Hepatitis B (for travelers who are in close contact with the local community and who will be working for voluntary organizations)
And always find out if you are immune for Tetanus-diphtheria, measles, mumps, rubella and chickenpox.

Malaria is present in Tanzania (!) and you should use the recommended medications. Consult your doctor. Currently, there are various preventative drugs available that are effective against certain Choroquine-resistant malaria mosquitoes that are currently active in Tanzania.

Visa requirements
Please note: if you travel to Tanzania you NEED to have a valid passport at least 6 month or above and a visa for this country.
You can get a visa at arrival in Dar Es Salaam, Kilimanjaro International Airport and at the Kenyan/Tanzania border. This visa will cost you 50 US$ (pay cash). American citizens pay $100. You can also arrange a visa in your own country. Please contact the local embassy or consulate of Tanzania.

If you fly at Nairobi, Kenya, and take the shuttle bus to Tanzania, you need a transit-visa for Kenya too. You can buy this transit-visa at the border of Kenya and Tanzania or at the airport in Nairobi for 50 US$ (cash). These prices should be counter check now and then for their validity.

It depends on your own spending habits when determining how much money you should take with you during your stay in Tanzania. Around 50 US$ per day is enough for many people to buy souvenirs, drinks and tip.
In Tanzania they tend not to accept American Dollar bills from before 2001. Make sure you have the new bills.
With a credit card you can pay at the hotel in Moshi and get money from the ATMs in Moshi.
Tanzanian shillings are necessary if you wish to spend money on the streets and in local shops.


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